Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Hygiene Resources to conduct its business in a lawful and socially responsible manner that protects the environment.

Hygiene Resources will devote appropriate resources and adopt courses of action which will enable it to achieve its environmental objectives taking into account both costs and benefits.

Integration into the business

Hygiene Resources will endeavour throughout its business to integrate environmental protection into its activities.

Compliance with Law and Management of Pollution

Hygiene Resources will manage pollution and comply fully with the relevant environmental laws, regulations, permit and licence limitations and in particular to:

  • Monitor the level of pollution produced and released into the environment by its operations
  • Assess in advance the environmental effects of any significant new development, including the design and siting of new, and the modification of existing, facilities.
  • Follow the relevant standards, good engineering and operating practices and principles of risk management to ensure Hygiene Resources environmental protection activities are conducted responsibly and take into account special local conditions.
  • Minimise the generation if and eliminate unnecessary waste and ensure that all wastes are disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner.
  • Maintain training programmes to minimise accidental leaks, releases and spills and contingency plans to mitigate the effect any such accidents may have on the environment.
  • Assess potential safety, fire, health and environmental liabilities prior to the disposal by way of sale or lease or to the acquisition of a freehold or leasehold interest in real property.
  • Ensure that each existing and new product can be made, used, transported, handled, stored and disposed of in a way which is consistent with current environmental, public health and safety laws.

Participation with Authorities

Hygiene Resources will seek opportunities to co-operate and participate with government and regulatory authorities in the formulation and implementation of environmental legislation, regulations and policy issues that may have a significant impact on its business: Hygiene Resources will work actively with the appropriate governmental agencies to ensure wherever possible that timely, reasonable and cost effective solutions for the environmental issues are found.

Responsiveness to Internal and External Concerns

Reflect informed public opinion, attitudes and concerns on environmental issues in its own activities and in its internal and external communications:

  • Encourage employees to initiate and maintain an open dialogue within the company and with its agents regarding environmental issues.
  • Recognise and respond as appropriate to company and community concerns about environmental matters.


Communicate to its employees, contractors, customers and suppliers and to the general public the concern that Hygiene Resources has for the protection of the environment.

Compliance Audits

Carry out periodic examinations of its various plant and facilities to ensure that they are being operated with Hygiene Resources objectives which are to comply with its environmental policy, permit limitations and other regulatory requirements:

  • Review the environmental performance of each part of Hygiene Resources operations in the UK at regular intervals and take whatever steps are needed to achieve its objectives
  • Provide training for those employees who monitor the effect of the products and activities of Hygiene Resources on the environment and ensure that they are kept informed of new developments relating to that responsibility.