Hygiene Resources

Hygiene Resources is a leading supplier of specialist outsourced cleaning services to the food manufacturing and processing industry.

With over 45 years of combined hands-on management experience, our team has a strong commitment to providing clients with excellent service and the measurable results required to ensure superior plant and food quality.

Hygiene Resources specialises in cleaning services for:

  • Abattoirs, red meat cutting plants and meal preparations
  • Poultry processing plants and hatcheries
  • Dairy production � milk, cheese and yoghurt
  • Breweries, dairies and water bottling
  • High risk added-value processing
  • Snack food production
  • Bakeries, cookies, muffins and traditional bakeries
  • Cereal and biscuit production
  • Vegetable processing and packaging

Hygiene Resources offers outsourced cleaning and sanitation solutions customised to individual clients. Potentially saving you money on costs, improving efficiency and you will also be left with the opportunity to focus your efforts on the core aspects of your business.

Each solution is based on our cleaning management system developed specifically for the food industry. The system is applied to all aspects of our services and complies with best practices recommended by local authorities and experts in food safety, hygiene and sanitation in processing facilities.

Cleaning, sanitation and safety management system

Hygiene Resources cleaning management system includes effective management and implementation of the following areas.

Cleaning and sanitation:

  • Highly customised and industry-specific plant cleaning program
  • Specialist cleaning procedures
  • Delivery of a clean plant every day on time
  • Quality assurance programme

Training, proficiency and competency:

  • Staff recruitment, induction, training, proficiency testing and management
  • On-going training to meet changing needs and all legislative and regulative requirements
  • Auditing
  • Consultant services

Safety management:

  • Implementation of Hygiene Resources safety management system
  • Development and implementation of site management plans
  • Compliance with national and state legislation

Documentation and verification of processes:

  • Records of training
  • Cleaning to strict specifications

Food factory cleaning and sanitation consultancy

Hygiene Resources also offer their services to food factories that currently have their own in-house cleaning and sanitation teams. Hygiene Resources acts as a consultant and works in partnership with internal cleaning teams to identify improvements towards a better business performance.

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